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MULTI SERVICES WL.L. (Branch. of Bouajila Relation Deals)   


تنظيفات عامة, العناية بالحدائق, مكافحة الحشرات ممثل شركات عالمية


Representing International Companies, General Cleaning, Gardening Business, Pest Control     .


Our Mission:


We are dedicated to providing the exact services our commercial cleaning clients need, pest control, gardening by sticking closely to their expectations, taking a pro-active approach in identifying their needs, and creating the best partnership possible. 

We are also committed to performing with honesty and integrity at all times and in all aspects of our business, to being professional in completing our job, and to providing a consistent, high standard work quality.





 Our Divisions:  Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Reflection Multi Services is one of the best multi services Companies in the state of Qatar and offer complete protection services against health destroying insects, termites and rodents.


Our last three decades of experience in providing dedicated and trusted pest control services are widely accredited by the people of Qatar. We recognize the importance of quality services and customer's trust.


Reflection Multi Services offers sensitive, innovative and environmental friendly pest control solutions by identifying pests, source & level of infestation, adopting appropriate preventive methods for the elimination of troublesome insects and rodents.




Our Quality Policy and its objective rely on our endless efforts to remain as the leading Pest Controller and retain ourselves constantly as the market leader in the State of Qatar by serving our customers' needs with Quality, Integrity, and Affordability.



A Health & Safety Policy has been implemented for safe pest control applications and work safety is maintained in all aspects of our services.



We realize and assess the value of Environmental issues and all efforts are made to minimize the environmental impact in our day to day services.

Adopt non chemical measures per IPM practices and ensure that pesticides are applied only as a last resort to control pest populations.





Reflection Multi Servicesis a full service Landscape Design and Installation Company located in the


Doha City. We have been serving Residential, Commercial and Institutional clientele for past years. The company's


success is due largely to the fact that we are able to serve our clients from the very beginning of a project through all


phases of design, planning, construction and Maintenance to insure that the design vision is achieved and sustained.


The philosophy we follow on every project is Virtually identical: To design and construct ecologically sensitive and


functional out door living spaces


Reflection Multi Serviceshave the ability to offer our clients design services for a wide scope of projects, from smaller private residential landscapes, gardens and shoreline stabilization to large scale development projects such as community parks, subdivisions and institutional projects.The design procedure, which includes the drafting of technical drawings, photographic simulations and perspective sketches to visualize the final result, is developed in three phases: 


·         Onsite inspection, analysis of current situation and report on the customer’s needs and expectations.


·         Preliminary study defining areas of intervention.


·         Drafting of executive project.


Larissa Gardens has been providing superior service to State of Qatar since 2006 and offers other services such as but not limited to: 


·         Gravel Driveways


·         Layout Management and Maintenance of Green Spaces


·         Construction of Nurseries and Greenhouses


·         Irrigation Systems


·         In-House Landscape Architect & Bobcat Work, Grading, Leveling




Reflection Multi Servicesis offering a full range of Cleaning, Pest Control, Support Services including Provision of Office Waiters/Support Staff and Security Services to a wide variety of clients from Oil and Gas Industries, to Hospitals, Hotels, Banking and Government Departments.


Cleaning of Commercial / domestic premises, industrial factories, workshops, hospitals, aircrafts, schools, swimming pool etc. Providing consultancy services to clients / tailor made cleaning specifications etc.


ريفلكشن مالتي سيرفيس ذ.م.


MULTI SERVICES WL.L. (Branch. of Bouajila Relation Deals)


تنظيفات عامة, العناية بالحدائق, مكافحة الحشرات ممثل شركات عالمية


Representing International Companies, General Cleaning, Gardening Business, Pest Control    


P.O.Box. 20241 Doha-Qatar. Tel: +974 44172324 Fax: +974 44172239

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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Our Vision

  • High story offices and  


  • Tunnels and  Under ground works
  • Bridges stream passes
  • Infrastructure  Works
  • Telecommunication Works projects
  • Mechanical Work projects
  • Electrical Work Projects
  • Irrigation Channels
  • highway , bridges and under passes
  • highway and access road
  • Dam structures
  • oil &Gas Industrial Work projects