We are the right company to serve and introduce you for new projects in Our territory

Bouajila Relation Deals BRD iso 9001:2008 company is the representative office in our territory who helps international  companies to be their agents, sponsorship,and promoting business consulting on commission basis 


Welcome to Bouajila Relation Deals BRD iso 9001:2008 company


Exploring new paths with passion Bouajila Relation Deals BRD iso 9001:2008 company ,


principals stands for result wich convines : in material handing and

processing system , in cooking plants , rolling mill and environmental

sestems , in the erection of industrial / civil project .


Bouajila Relation Deals BRD  iso 9001:2008 company  principals develop and implement

component and plants from conveyor pulleys to trunkey power plants ,

road & bridges , Civil construction and industrial project . with services

such as feasibility studies and financial engineering on an international scale .


Bouajila Relation Deals BRD iso 9001:2008 company  as a business partner provides a secure basis for  the economics implementation of future project .







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Our Vision

  • High story offices and  


  • Tunnels and  Under ground works
  • Bridges stream passes
  • Infrastructure  Works
  • Telecommunication Works projects
  • Mechanical Work projects
  • Electrical Work Projects
  • Irrigation Channels
  • highway , bridges and under passes
  • highway and access road
  • Dam structures
  • oil &Gas Industrial Work projects


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